Loving People


Changing Lives

Our businesses and community development programs have a dual purpose. First, they are means of sharing the love of God in settings outside of the church. Second, they improve the lives of people, especially disciples of Jesus, with the goals of sustainability and multi-generational impact.

Development Core Beliefs

  • Good News for the poor includes having jobs, food, health, education and housing
  • Poverty is a state of broken relationships and broken dignity with God, self, family, friends, community and environment that only Jesus can fully heal
  • ALL of us have a broken identity and are poor in some fashion
  • Money does not fix broken people
  • The Great Commandment and Great Commission of Jesus support one another

Your gifts, prayer and advocacy make all these projects possible. With each act of service, you are directly changing lives in Northern Ghana.

How We Serve

Anna distributing school books in Tamale

Children in the Northern Regions do not have access to reading books and many schools do not receive curriculum books. Anna leads our book distribution, teacher training and tutoring programs. So far over 30 barrels of books have been distributed to more than 50 schools and opened many relationships.

Anna also volunteers as a reading instructor at a local Jr. High and for children of close friends. Books, backpacks and supplies are used in teaching and as incentives for improving their skills.

Anna is also learning the local language, Dagboni, and creating a number of relationships. Doors open all the time for her to serve by sharing some English, medical insight, teaching classes on health and caring for children.

Business and trade are how Islam came and stayed in West Africa. Many disciples are removed from family business, homes and lands after deciding to follow Jesus. The witness of Christians that employ believers and non-believers is extremely important in our context.

Shea Butter Production

Meeting with shea butter producers in the Old Buipe area

The Odle family has been part of an effort to train more than 500 women in making high quality handcrafted shea butter. The women are able to remain in their villages and add an important revenue stream to their lives that is normally unavailable in village life. Shea butter sales are funding education, improved nutrition and more female owned small business ventures.

Corporate Farming

Thrashing rice after harvesting by hand

In 2018 we partnered with 100 farmers introducing them to improved rice and soybean varieties and growing techniques. We farm rice, peanuts and soybeans with a local farming group. The improved production of our farm is allowing us to have more conversations with farmers and community leaders.


We own a small herd of sheep and goats provide a source of income for one of our Disciple Making leaders from the Fulani people. The Fulani are traditional pastoralist with herds of cattle, sheep and goats that range all over West Africa. Our partner is able to keep the sheep and goats close to home and support some of his family’s needs. Our long term goal is to have herds that give jobs to disciples and provide lifelong income for leaders of groups and churches.



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