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Do you have a passion for children’s education? Do you like, love, or have a borderline obsession with books? Can you find a place in your church or home to store books? Can you sort through stacks and stacks of books and determine (with plenty guidance from us) what is worth sending to Ghana and what should move on to Goodwill?

Do you like to collect books from others…buy them at garage sales…scoop them up at Goodwill outlet…get used text books from schools…do you enjoy the hunt for free and cheaper than cheap bargains?

Better yet, do you have some friends who are like you and could share such a description?

We have an important job for you that will change the lives of children in Ghana.

Children and schools are in desperate need for reading and school materials. The Odles have collected, shipped and distributed over 35 barrels of materials to more than 30 schools…and we need much more.

People would like to donate books to us…and we don’t have a way to get them here.

We can work on ways to get them shipped, but first we need some special someone(s) to collect, sort, and pack books for children in Ghana.

If that person is you, please email Anna. She has some life changing work for you!


Every new believer and every changed life is the result of the prayers of a believer.

You are invited to pray with and for us. On a personal level, we know that we are sustained by the Lord through your prayers. On a ministry level, we know ministry only comes from the overflow of our lives–and we ask that you send some of your overflow to Northern Ghana.

Prayer has changed us. Prayer is changing us. The actions and attitudes that change from prayer change the world.

We fast and pray for Tamale and Northern Ghana every Monday. Every personal decision for Jesus and every movement of God is a partnership of God and humanity birthed in prayer.

Every prayer prayer for Ghana, the Odles, and our partners, links you and makes you part of us.


Being informed puts you on the frontlines! When you sign up for email updates at the bottom of the home page, we will send a weekly “Three On Our Knees” so that you can pray with us and our newsletter “Odle News.” You can follow us on Facebook for updates on family, ministry and life in Ghana.


We arrange our mission trips with our partners to maximize talents and interaction among people. While you won’t build a church, farmers will visit with farmers, teachers can encourage and train teachers, homemakers can work with homemakers, pastors can hang out with pastors…you get the point. Email Jared for details.


Short term and long term workers in business, sports, development, youth ministry, agriculture, discipleship and much more are needed. Serving can be in the form of a few weeks as an internship, a short term apprenticeship or long-term teammate. Are you called? Talk with Dustin at ACM International or email Jared to start your conversation.


Invite people to join this journey of faith in Northern Ghana. Share FB posts. Forward “Odle News” to someone who might appreciate it. Get a group to pray for Northern Ghana using “Three On Our Knees.” Talk to people about God’s work in Ghana.


Your giving is making a difference for families in Ghana. Partners of all kinds and types make this ministry possible. If God is calling you to give, you can answer that call as a regular donor and/or for special projects and needs.



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