Being, Serving, Caring, Loving

Followers of Jesus did not intend to start a religion.

No, they trusted the Way of Jesus would make them live in wholeness with God and humanity. Early followers of Jesus shared how to love God and love people with their families, neighbors and co-workers.

Somewhere along the way, a blessed set of relationships between God, self and humanity was hijacked and formed into a religion.

Our main goal in life is to be the same type of follower (disciple) of Jesus helping others to trust the Way of Jesus and become whole with God and people. We love to see Ghanaians discover the goodness and kindness of God. Our discipleship efforts are urban and in rural communities where there is no established church.


Why Disciple Making in Tamale?

  • Tamale is at least 90% Muslim and most Christians are not from the local people groups.
  • Tamale is the fastest growing city in West Africa–and a major regional influence.
  • Over 80% of rural people in Northern Ghana cannot read. Audio Bible, songs, and more are made available and can be used by anyone with a smartphone. A large number of non-reading people live in Tamale also.
  • Discipleship fits our local cultures more naturally than “planting a church.” African identity is built on who you know & who knows you. Investing in people through discipleship is very natural.
  • When individuals learn how to obey the commands of Jesus, they naturally bridge the gap between Christ and Culture.
  • More Christians are in Sub-Sahara African than any other geographic location–but are only 6% of the missionary force.
  • BOTTOM LINE: We want to make disciples of Jesus in Tamale and the Northern Regions that will make more disciples in Ghana, Africa, and the world!


Student Ministry

Jared is developing a campus ministry with the Protestant Student Union at Tamale Technical University. The group is student-led and Jared will focus on disciple-making, leadership, and Business As Mission.

The Student Union is comprised of all the other student unions on campus: Assemblies of God, Methodists, Presbyterians, and about 30 more groups. All of them are working together in some great ways–and this is the first time they will have a campus pastor/missionary working with them!

The two major goals: Disciple makers that make more disciples and Help students embrace their work as worship.

This ministry will launch in August of 2020 (or when COVID-19 allows)–we are VERY excited to see where this goes!


Discipleship Making & Church Planting

The Odles partner with two Ghanaian groups focused on making more disciples.

The Prevailers, (read the story here) led by Musah Imoro, starts groups and churches in villages where there are no existing churches. Prevailers go about their work by prayer-walking, developing relationships with community leaders, Discovery Bible Study (DBS), showing the Jesus Film, hosting traditional dance and leading studies.

In the past three years of partnership with the Odles, Prevailers has started work in 8 communities where there are no churches. Over 150 people gather throughout the week for prayer, bible study, encouragement, and accountability.

Active Development Foundation (read the story here) is a ministry of Zak.


Sports Outreach

Wild story on how it came about…but the Odles are partnering with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Northern Ghana. When school resumes after COVID-19 we will be very involved in:

  • Aiding the launch a basketball outreach program for kids through our church in Tamale
  • Jared will be teaching a leadership section to football coaches in training sessions
  • Helping a Christian Division II football club get established in the northern regions of Ghana (the only one of its kind where discipleship is as important as football skills). This includes our book distribution program to help build relationships between the communities and the club.
  • Taking FCA opportunities to the Tamale Technical University student group



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